Semester System 2008-09

Letter and Circular

Amendment of Semester System Academic Calendar (12.Nov.2008) 
Letter of CCE (12.Nov.2008) 
Permission of CCE-1 and CCE-2 Examination (31.Oct.2008) 
Proper Use of Stataionery Consumption  in Semester System (03.Oct.2008) 
CCE and Project Allotment of Student 2008-09 (29.Sept.2008)
Information of Semester System and Proforma (25.Sept.2008)
Information of Semester System CCE and Project work (Official) (As on 25.Sept.2008)
Information For Examination of Semester System (18.September.2008)      Semester Letter
Letter of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) (11.September.2008)   
Training of Semester System to Professor (11.Sept.08)
Examination Scheme and Marks System  (10.Sept.08) Project Work  Descrition of PG Marks
Revised Urdu (UG/PG) Syllabus Letter (10.Sept.08) UGSyllabus  PG Syllabus
Admission and Internal Assessment of Semester System (Official) (10.September.2008)  
Valueation and Attendance  of Semester System  (01 September 2008)  
Amendment of Semester System 2008 (20.August.2008)   Bcom I to V M.Com Letter
Student Attandance of Semester System 2008 (01.August.2008)  
Proforma (28.June.2008)  
Amendment of Semester System Academic Calendar (26.June.2008)  
Semester Project  (As on 18.June.2008)     
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) (As on 18.June.2008)
CCE-College (As on 18.June.2008)
Amendment of Semester System Workshop 2008  
Training Cell of Semester System (02-June-2008) Word File
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) (14 Page) (03-June-2008)
  Enclosure of CCE - 1 (College Level) (03-June-2008)
  Enclosure of CCE - 2 (03-June-2008)
Letter (03-June-2008)
Project work in Semester System  (21 Page) (03-June-2008)
Admission Rule
Syllabus of Semester System













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